Unzip RAR files on Mac with this WinRAR style extractor

UnRarX is a free WinRAR-style tool for Mac which allows you to unzip RAR files. It's easy to use via drag and drop and is powerful enough to deal with almost any archive. View full description


  • Unzips RAR files easily just like WinRAR
  • Unzips files quickly
  • Works on older Macs


  • Doesn't create RAR archives

Very good

UnRarX is a free WinRAR-style tool for Mac which allows you to unzip RAR files. It's easy to use via drag and drop and is powerful enough to deal with almost any archive.

Simple to upload and unzip files

UnRarX is very easy to use. Simply drag and drop RAR files onto the UnRarX interface and your files will be automatically unzipped. The extracting process appears in the main section of the UnRarX interface to indicate the progress of the extraction. The main controls for UnRarX are in the top-right of the main interface. These functions allow you to browse for a file, extract files and test files to see whether they are corrupt. If your file is password protected, just press the 'password' button and enter it to open and extract the archive.

You may encounter a few problems depending on your file type. If you receive a CRC error, it's likely that one of your RAR archives is corrupted. Also, if you experience a "UnRarX cannot extract archive" error message, try re-directing the output volume to your desktop instead of File Directory. These little glitches can make UnRarX a bit tricky for beginners but most people should experience few problems.

No developer support

Overall, UnRarX is easy to use. Unfortunately however if you do encounter problems there seems to be very little developer support for UnRarX although there is a support page with links to a forum and bug report page, where you may be able to find help with problems you're having. Note as well that UnRarX only unarchives RAR files - it won't create them for you.

A powerful archiving tool for Mac

UnRarX is one of the closest things to WinRAR on Mac for unzipping RAR archives.


  • Universal Binary version of UnRarX is now available
  • Version 2.2 includes current universal binary versions of unrar and par2 command line applications
  • UnRarX now includes automatic update functionality thanks to Sparkle Framework by Andy Matuschak


UnRarX 2.2

— User reviews — about UnRarX

  • harrythunder

    by harrythunder

    "Does what it really needs to do "

    I have been pc user for a long time. There was no software on my new mac for expanding rar files from my old computer. T... More.

    reviewed on May 7, 2015

  • AvgUser

    by AvgUser

    "Beware adware"

    This particular version has adware from Genio Innovation. Install at your own discretion. The application itself is fu... More.

    reviewed on December 16, 2014

  • carol80.cs

    by carol80.cs

    "Estupendo con MacBook Pro!!"

    Con esta aplicación pude descomprimir unos pinceles para photoshop en .rar perfectamente en mi Mac Book Pro!! Genial! . More.

    reviewed on January 4, 2014

  • ftbagkicker

    by ftbagkicker

    "Clean and very straightforward to use."

    I love it. Thank you for such a really user friendly application. It was so fast to download, took just seconds to un ra... More.

    reviewed on October 12, 2012

  • lofugee

    by lofugee

    "Good unrar utility"

    I've been using this for quite a few years. No real problems with it. The only change I actually would like is that if a... More.

    reviewed on October 25, 2011